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Income Tax Preparation

Income tax – it’s often a source of great frustration for many of us, but that doesn’t mean that you have to tackle this challenging issue alone. Indeed, in many cases, there are numerous great opportunities that can help you find out what you need to know to complete your income tax assessment easily and without the hassle – which is where our team is proud to help.

As financial experts, we have made it our mission to support as many people as possible with their own personal income tax needs. Whether you simply need a little support when it comes to filing your income tax for the first time from a professional tax specialist in British Columbia, Alberta & Ontario, or if you need someone who can stand by your side throughout the process to ensure you’ve got the best strategies in place, our team is by your side to help.

Reach out to our experts to see how we can help with your own personal income tax requirements. This dedication is something that makes us one of the leading local teams to help; we’ll do our best to support any income tax concerns you might have without compromise.

Our Clients Are

Employed Professionals

Sole-Proprietorship or Partnerships

Married or Common-Law Couples



New Comers

Business Planning & Strategy

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box:

  • Basic tax return preparation for employed professionals
  • Sole-proprietorship
  • Real estate and rental income
  • Investments
  • Foreign asset reporting (T1135 information return)
  • Tax planning
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Advantages of Choosing GoProTax.

Choosing us comes with a multitude of advantages, ensuring that your experience is not only streamlined but also rewarding. Here’s why GoProTax stands out:

Effective Tax Planning Services

Strategic solutions using the most current incentives.

Quality Finances Start with Good Books

Guarantee compliance with the tax laws, operative work & performance.

Reputable Source of Up-to-Date Tax Law Information

Get and follow only correct & most up-to-date information about Tax law for you & your business.

Extensive Expertise & Financial Advice

Wide range of services offered to fit any sector of economy is our advantage.

Looking for a First-Class Tax Consultant?

Your success is our priority. Schedule your appointment below & let GoProTax be your guide to financial success.

Real Clients, Real Results

Client stories from individuals and businesses who have entrusted GoProTax with their financial needs.

Professional Firms

Working with Olga Grivtsova has been an awesome experience. I got explained how different insurance policies protect you in different situations. Also, we went over 4 types of investments and found one that fits my current situation. I’ve learned about tax strategies, how to increase cash flow and save more for future and retirement. Estate Planning was another important subject that was discussed. Olga always finds time to answer my questions. Happy to have her as my Financial Advisor and Tax Specialist.

Татьяна Якуб

Having Olga Grivtsova as financial advisor was a fortune to me. As per her advice I put in place Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection policies. I am so glad I had them in place as I recently had an accident at work and had to make a claim which was approved so I am financially protected while in treatment. She helped me with all the paperwork and it was done in a timely manner. Thank you for your support and expertise.

Вячеслав Калинченков
Professional Firms

I highly recommend Olga Grivtsova for any insurance policy or investment strategy you may need. She’s professional and a pleasure to deal with. Always has the answers for me and is quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. Working with Olga has been great. Very organized, timely, and knows exactly what you need when you need help! So thankful to be her client.

Lana Mosina
Professional Firms

Working with Olga Grivtsova was a great experience! She made me to plan and keep my future under a control. She is one who has a experience , expertise ,credentials, deep analytical ability and a passion for finance to help me reach my financial goals! She talked openly about risks trying to educate me about my investments. So, I understand what I’m paying and how the investments will pay me off!

Natalia Nekrasova

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