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At GoProTax, our Personal Income Tax services are designed to alleviate the stress and confusion that often accompany tax season.

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When it comes to Business Start-Up services at GoProTax, we go beyond the standard approach.

At GoProTax, we manage all risks and support all investment operations. We take care of TFSA, RRSP, RESP, RDSP, as well as open investments.

GoProTax offers all types of insurance from a wide range of companies you can choose from. Life, critical illness, income protection, travel, home and auto, liability for businesses, and pet insurance.

We help you to solve your legal disputes. From legal services & will, to all types of mortgage & debt solutions. Mediation/arbitration, foreign exchange, and more. All of your matters are handled by us from start to finish.

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Olga Grivtsova.

I have been working as a Tax Specialist and Financial Advisor since 2001 and have extensive knowledge of the financial industry as a whole. I’m licensed in BC, Alberta, and Ontario and keep expanding my services by building agencies across Canada.

My expertise and experience helped lots of businesses and individuals to put in place Tax Saving Strategies, Protect their Income, and create an Estate.

Over 20 years I’ve built great referrals and partnerships with other services and agencies to help my Clients in every financial aspect I can.

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Client stories from individuals and businesses who have entrusted GoProTax with their financial needs.

Professional Firms

Working with Olga Grivtsova has been an awesome experience. I got explained how different insurance policies protect you in different situations. Also, we went over 4 types of investments and found one that fits my current situation. I’ve learned about tax strategies, how to increase cash flow and save more for future and retirement. Estate Planning was another important subject that was discussed. Olga always finds time to answer my questions. Happy to have her as my Financial Advisor and Tax Specialist.

Татьяна Якуб

Having Olga Grivtsova as financial advisor was a fortune to me. As per her advice I put in place Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection policies. I am so glad I had them in place as I recently had an accident at work and had to make a claim which was approved so I am financially protected while in treatment. She helped me with all the paperwork and it was done in a timely manner. Thank you for your support and expertise.

Вячеслав Калинченков
Professional Firms

I highly recommend Olga Grivtsova for any insurance policy or investment strategy you may need. She’s professional and a pleasure to deal with. Always has the answers for me and is quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. Working with Olga has been great. Very organized, timely, and knows exactly what you need when you need help! So thankful to be her client.

Lana Mosina
Professional Firms

Working with Olga Grivtsova was a great experience! She made me to plan and keep my future under a control. She is one who has a experience , expertise ,credentials, deep analytical ability and a passion for finance to help me reach my financial goals! She talked openly about risks trying to educate me about my investments. So, I understand what I’m paying and how the investments will pay me off!

Natalia Nekrasova

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